Congratulations on Locking in the Powerful Healing Combination of Encodement Intensives and Group Distance Healing

Your commitment to your healing, and to the healing of the planet is wonderful to behold. There aren’t many people who would make the commitment you are making to your personal growth and expansion.

I want to review what you will receive:

  • Weekly group healing experience.
  • Daily Soul Healing Prayer experiences. These will deepen your healing, but if you can’t take advantage of the daily experiences, you’re still receiving powerful healing each and every Monday.
  • Monthly Encodement Intensives.
  • Remember, each time you heal, you prevent reacting in such a way that you wound others.
  • I’m developing some new resources to add to this at no additional charge to you.

Do You Want Even More Healing?

I have one more healing possibility I’d like to present to you.

In addition to the group work such as the Encodement Intensives and Group Distance Healing, I have a limited number of personal, as in individual, distance sessions that I do on a monthly basis.

These are sessions where I tap into your energy, and only your energy, to balance what is happening with you.

You let me know what you’d like to work on, and I do that and more.

No appointment is needed. You don’t have to carve out time to receive these sessions.

These monthly sessions are a powerful adjunct to your healing. A small group of people have been receiving these sessions every month for the last three years.

The healing, the greater peace of mind, the reduction of stress and the freeing the real you from past wounds and congestion has been amazing.

If you add this to the healing program you’ve already said “YES” to, this is what your month would look like:

  • Every Monday morning, you’d receive an email telling you about your Group Distance Healing session. This happens without you making time for it. The healing occurs even if you don’t read the report.
  • Every morning, you’d receive an email suggesting a specific request for healing for you that day. This is based upon the beliefs which were balanced on Monday. You’ll spend all of 2-minutes a day on this, or, as some do, you can spend 10-15 minutes once a week requesting healing at one time.
  • Every month, you have the option to attend an Encodement Intensive. This is the complete balancing of your energy related to a specific topic. You may attend live or you may simply watch the video, or listen to the call, or read the transcript. This is your longest time obligation.
  • Every month, you’d receive your personal individual session done by me. You may make requests or, if you don’t make a request, I will tap into your energy and do the balancing. You’ll receive the report. The healing happens whether you read the report or not.
  • There are a couple of other resources I’m working on offering you at no additional charge, but they aren’t ready to roll out as of yet. They’ll be a fun surprise.

You Have Two Options if You Want to Take Advantage of This

I only have room for 30 people due to time constraints and individual sessions.
You may purchase this monthly for $147 per month.
You may make a once a year payment of $1297 saving you $294 for the year.