Congratulations on Locking in Your Encodement Intensives

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your commitment to your healing. Every time you heal a wound, even if you think it’s a tiny wound, you do three things:
  • You release pain from yourself and can be happier and healthier, including having better relationships.
  • You lighten the load of negativity afflicting the planet.
  • You prevent further wounding in others. Think about it. When you heal a wound, that wound is no longer there for someone else to trigger. If the wound isn’t triggered, you won’t lash out and hurt someone else… who won’t hurt someone else… who won’t hurt someone else.

How about Healing Even More Deeply?

You’ve probably seen my emails on Group Distance Healing

These are weekly sessions in which I balance the group energy on a particular topic.

The Group Distance Healing Session on Monday is followed by daily emails anchoring in the beliefs balanced on Monday.

Don’t worry if you can’t read those daily emails.

You’ll be receiving deep healing on Monday even without reading the daily emails.

When you combine the amazing healing in Group Distance Healing with Encodement Intensives, you receive even deeper healing.

Your healing is deeper and faster than you’ve ever experienced before.

For a limited time, I have a special offer providing you both Group Distance Healing and Encodement Intensives.

Please, consider this deeper level of healing.

Click the button below to register for deeper healing.