The Power of The Sword
Come Learn to Use the Sword of Michael the Archangel…
You will learn to assist the planet by:
Learning to combine The Heart Source with The Sword of Michael the Archangel
How to quickly and easily activate The Power of The Sword within you
Discover how to use and change the color of The Sword as needed
How, Where and What you can clear with The Sword

What Is The Spiritual Secret So Few People Know… But Those Who Do Experience
Power and Protection
I’m sure you’ve see drawings of Michael the Archangel with his sword. It’s been about a decade since he gave me his Sword and began to show me how to use it. He has more information he’s ready to share with the world. Now is the time for you to receive it and learn to use it. It’s time to assist in clearing the low vibration energy from the world.

Any Heart-Centered Individual Can Receive It

The Sword can only be used for the good of the world. Michael will not allow it to be used in ill-will.

Transmutes Low Vibration Energy

You can use The Sword to clear yourself, locations, the energy around others and within others (as they allow it).

Change the Vibration by Changing the Color

Energy has different vibrations. Match the vibration of The Sword to the vibration of the energy to be cleared.

Combine The Sword with The Heart Source

Learn to use The Heart Source and your chakras to increase the power of The Sword for protection and clearing.
This class will be held on-line. You may attend via the web or by telephone. All will be recorded if you can’t come live.

The Sword plus The Heart Source Has Powerful Effects!
Both The Heart Source and The Sword have amazing power individually. When you combine the two you amplify your power tremendously.

Learn about the Power and Flexibility of The Sword of Michael the Archangel
Once you have activated The Sword, you will discover its power and flexibility. The Sword can be microns long or hundreds of miles long as needed. The Sword can transmute energy anywhere in the Universe. The only thing you can’t do with it is transmute energy within someone’s energy field without permission.

The Heart Source Consolidates Power within You and Your Energy
The Heart Source is formed by 7 simple actions. Once you have installed The Heart Source within your energy, all you need to do is say “Heart Source” to activate it.

The Heart Source activates your Heart Brain inter-dimensionally. When you are in your Heart Source you will be better able to identify Truth in spoken and written word.

Your Heart Source also acts as a protective energy as well as a interacting with your chakras to raise your vibration.

How would you like to simply walk and transmute energy where ever you go?
No matter where you go outside your home, you’re going to find low vibration energy. Sometimes that low vibration energy is within your home.

How would you like to say a few simple words and become THE SWORD? You’ll learn how on October 27 & 28, 2017.

Thatu2019s Coolu2026 But What Else Can I Do with
The Sword ?
ActivatingThe Sword is a powerful form of protection when you are going about your daily duties. The Sword also has other uses which increase the power you have over your life.

Zaps congested energy in your body

Feelings caught within your body and energy field can cause an interruption in the flow of your energy. Learn how to eliminate and transmute low vibration energy in seconds.

Clear energy in rooms, buildings and open spaces

No matter where the room or space is, you can use The Sword to clear anger, fear, jealousy or any feeling… even from place thousands of miles away.

Use color for pin-point accuracy

Yes, you can use The Sword in a general way, but you can also increase the power of clearing by working with color. Learn the simple words which will make this possible.

How to help according to the Law of Permissions

There are ways to assist others without invading their personal space. Learn, also, how to access permission on a Soul Level from people you don’t know.
The Sword and The Heart Source Enable You to Be of Service to the Planet
As the song goes, “The times they are a changing.” Learn strategies to assist Earth and Humanity in Ascension… of course, this assists you, also.
Clear Ancient Energy from the Land

The energy of war, hate, fear and discord are absorbed by the soil. Where ever there have been battles there is low vibration energy in the ground. You can assist in clearing the land quickly and easily.
Clear the Waters, Seas and Oceans

Greed, neglect and the military have filled our waters with low vibration energy. Learn how to assist the whales and the dolphins in clearing the waters of our planet.
You Can Clear Boardrooms and Government Buildings

You will experience being able to transport your energy and The Sword to clear the energy in spaces where major decisions are made which affect the world.
Clearing Low Vibration Energy from the Past

You will learn the ease of time travel to clear the wounds and pain both of generations and lifetimes past and future. We live in the illusion that time is real, but it is only an illusion. Learn to move through time to clear generational energies and those of past, parallel and future lifetimes.

The Workshop Consists of 5 Sessions

Learn to Use The Sword of Michael the Archangel to Heal and Change You and the World

  • We begin with a message from Archangel Michael as well as an Encodement Intensive to balance your energy to The Sword
  • Archangel Michael Introduces you to The Sword and faciitates an Attunement to The Sword
  • You will practice ways to use The Sword on yourself and in the world
  • Discover the power of color when using The Sword.
  • Learn how to use the chakras and Sacred Geometry associated with the chakras
  • NEW INFORMATION: How to clear the double helix of the DNA.
  • 5 separate recordings, audio and video
  • Transcipt
Get The Sword Workshop Now for $197
Learn to access and use The Sword of Michael the Archangel
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is it difficult to learn how to use The Sword?

No, it’s not. Like any new skill, you will need to use the material and practice. You didn’t get up and walk the first time you tried it, but you did learn (unless you had a disability). The more you use the material, the more you practice, the more adept you will become.

Will there be handouts?

I will give you an outline of my notes. There will also be handouts with additional information to assist you in using the Power of The Sword.
There are also 5 audios and vidios of all 5 sessions.

Who is teaching the workshop?

Great question! Dr Cathy Chapman will be teaching with the inspiration of Michael the Archangel. Cathy is an internationally known channel and teacher. Her work appears in the monthly magazine The Sedona Journal of enlightenment.

Do I need any experience in this type of work?

No. All you need is an open mind and open heart. You’ll be given specific instructions and will have time to practice during the workshop. We will have four sessions, each lasting from 90 to 120 minutes.
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