Quickly and Easily Change the Operating System of Your Life through the Encodement Intensives

Join Amma the Divine Mother for a series of Encodement Intensives which will quickly and easily change your energy field to align with your deepest desires.

You may participate in one or more of the intensives. (I do have a special opportunity for those who want all the intensives. See below!)

We had the first one on January 1, 2013. This one aligned your encodements to the energies of the New Age. You may still get it by going here.

OR You may purchase the entire 12 part series for one low fee of 12 sessions, including the January 1 session, for the price of 10 sessions.

If you aren’t aware of what encodements are (the computer operating system of your body) please go here to read about them.

In short, your encodements are the smallest parts of your energy field. They are the plans for your life here on earth. Just like any other part of your energy field, they can become damaged.

Sometimes they are deactivated and other times they fail to activate at the appropriate time. Depending upon what you planned before you came to the planet you might not even have encodements for certains aspects of your life.

Now that the New Age has arrived, you very well might be able to change the direction of your life. The experiences you planned to have may now be obsolete.

You may recreate your life anew… and you can facilitate this by quickly and easily changing your energy system by changing your encodements.

Here are what some people have said about the first one which you may still order below:

Clearing out old karma – saw shelves being cleaned off and a light shining at the bottom of the stack. I know this was a sign that my subconcious was getting cleaned up and the basic chakra was lighting up to make me feel safer and more grounded in this life.
Marge Ayala
This intensive is one of the highlights of my life.
It was incredibly emotional. I felt so much energy coursing through my body and all around me… These new energies feel quite different and I am spending time getting acquainted with my new helpers and their energy. I definitely feel and know that some of my old lessons of 2012 have disappeared and left me feeling more alive and cleaner and more aware. I am so grateful for all your efforts in bringing this information to us all – helping us on our journey. I would be most interested in any further workshops along this line you might be doing.
Annie Benham
Nothing changed immediately after the intensive but this last week a couple of things have come across my radar that have given me some hope… I would love to do it again.
Sharla Orton
Thank you so much for your beautiful work and Divine Mother Amma. The information on January first, was beyond what I could ever expect. The information we received that day is
so helpful and WONDERFUL. I am so excited. It is wonderful to receive so much LOVE and to be able to send it out to everyone in the Universe.
I feel so Blessed.
Barbara Bradley
I have listened again and really appreciate the content. So much so that I am going to include it in my client work. The simplicity of the work belies its effectiveness and I anticipate everyone finding it a powerful vehicle for raising their vibration.
Grace Peyton


The topics in this series are:

  Align your encodements to
the energy of the New Age
(order here)
January 1, 2013 (recordings
  Align your encodements for powerful relationships in every area of your life
(order here)
March 9, 2013
Recordings Available
  Recreate Your Life
(order here)
April 7, 2013
Recordings Available
  Fine-tune or change how you express your soul purpose
(order here)
April 28, 2013
Recordings Available
  Improve your health & body

(order here) May 25, 2013
Recordings Available
 Allow abundance to come more easily into your life.
(order here)
 June 9, 2013 Release past wounds. October 12, 2013

  Speed your spiritual
growth and development;
  Increase your intuition and
  Repairing your energy field  TBA
  Change the way your body ages.  TBA
  Removing Victim Consciousness by Removing Self-Hatred  TBA

Each session is $19.97.
Order specific sessions through the links above.

If you prefer to pay by check, please email me atCathy@OdysseyToWholeness.com