Important This is for you if you are ready to heal that one area of life that has you stuck in a bog of emotional muck, even deathly ill. You must be willing to commit to 8-weeks of intensive healing work.

For 8 Weeks You’ll Focus on Dissolving the Blocks to Releasing that “One Thing” Holding You Back from Finding Your Health, Joy, Peace, Strength and Love

The core of Journey to Healing is a simple 5-step prayer you can use anytime and anywhere..

As long as you follow the Journey to Healing plan

Within 8 Short Weeks You Will:

Uncover your inner peace and Joy

With any “issue,” be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, there are wounds from the past supporting the problem. For each wound healed, the pain from that wound is released. When the pain is gone, you’ll experience greater peace and joy.

Your energy will flow more freely

Anything that happens to you produces energy. That energy can become lodged in your physical and energy body. When you heal the wounds within you, more of your energy is freed. You’ll feel lighter and more relaxed.

Aches and pains you weren’t aware of disappear

All your aches and pains have an emotional, mental or spiritual component. When the trauma causing the pain is removed, the pain goes away. Sometimes several similar wounds combine to produce the aches and pains. When each wound is healed, the pain relief is deeper.

Behavior patterns change

What you learn and what you react to results in patterns of behavior. Some patterns are supportive for your goals, such as keeping to a schedule. Other patterns are self-sabotage. By working to release wounds which resulted in certain self-sabotage, you have the space to make positive choices for yourself.

Instill supportive beliefs

Your beliefs are the foundation of everything you do. If you believe that relationships result in too much pain to handle, you’ll avoid relationships or only enter those in which the person isn’t emotionally available. That may seem counter-intuitive but it happens frequently in all areas of life.

Learn easy techniques to continue healing

Healing happens in layers. The more you heal the more the more the deep hidden wounds will come forth ready to be released and healed. This means more joy, more happiness and greater zest for life!

When I was about 8-years old, I was getting something off the back of a VW bug. I was little so I climbed up the car, grabbed whatever it was and slid down the back. A piece of metal was sticking up and I sliced my knee.I knew I needed stitches and hid my cut from my parents.

End result was that, several years later, I had to have surgery on the knee to remove the keloid scar which was about a half inch tall and growing. If I’d taken care of it immediately I wouldn’t have had to have surgery several years later.

When we’re wounded in some way, physically or emotionally, the sooner we take care of it, the less damage is done. If we don’t heal an emotional wound quickly, other hurts will “stick” to the wound and make it more difficult to heal.

Achieve Freedom and Joy

Each week you’ll work in a different area
The sooner you ask for healing of an emotional wound, the less involved is the healing process…. even with the horrid, most terrible events.

The longer you wait to balance the feelings, release the grief, adjust to your life in a healthy manner, the more difficult it is to heal what has happened.

That said, not everything is completely “heal-able.” You won’t completely heal from the loss of a child or an injury which leaves you paralyzed. You can, however, release the anger, fear and pain.

The sooner you deal with it, the fewer complications result from what happened.

You’ll work with:
  • Releasing pain of the past
  • Releasing energy of others within you
  • Repairing damage to your energy field
  • Healing Birth Issues
  • Healing relationships
  • Releasing Trauma

Initiate the Spiral of Healing

Some of the areas addressed:
  • The impact of being a “wanted” or “not wanted” child
  • Healing wounds of relationships
  • Sexuality issues
  • The power of healing prayer and guided inner experiences
  • Installing super supportive beliefs
  • How to identify the beliefs making your life a mess
  • Discovering your gifts and talents
  • Accessing your inner power
  • Unwrapping the effects of trauma

What Happens When You’re Hurt Physically or Emotionally

If your car has a flat tire, all you need to do is fix the tire and put the wheel back on.
You don’t have to worry about the bumper being damaged due to a flat tire.

That’s because your car is a machine. With a machine all you do is fix the broken parts.

You’re not a machine. You’re a System.
You consist of inter-connected parts.
When one part hurts, all the other parts hurt in their own way.

You consist of a physical body and 3 energy bodies: emotional, mental, and spiritual, all inter-related.

When your physical body is hurt, you have an emotional reaction, with thoughts about what you’re feeling, followed by how safe you feel in the world… which leads to trust issues. Trust is a spiritual issue.

When you ‘re hurt emotionally, your physical body responds immediately by producing hormones and neurotransmitters which have you feeling stressed and anxious. This can lead to depression.

You keep thinking about what happened which increases the production of those chemicals which increases the effect on the physical body.

then you may wonder why God allowed that to happen moving you into victim consciousness which intensifies the cycle of your body producing those chemicals which affect your mood which affects your body which affects the production of chemicals.

It just keeps going and going and going.

Without healing, similar wounds throughout your life, the energy of those wounds gather in one collective mass intensifying the painful feelings resulting from each wound.

Your body hurts, your heart hurts, you wonder if life is worth living and on and on and on.

Deep healing occurs when you ask for healing of the effects of the wound on all of your bodies.

In the Journey to Healing Intensive, you’ll work with the initial wound as well as all the other wounds which piled up on the initial wound.

You’ll work with wounds you may not have thought related to each other, but they interact with each other.

You’ll do “general” clearing and specific clearing.

You’ll have a simple healing tool you can use each and every day, and it only takes a minute, 5-minutes if you want to healing and balance 5 wounds.

You have 5-minutes to relieve yourself of pain and bring joy and happiness to your life, don’t you?
Of course you do!

This Is How It Works

Choose What You’re Ready to Heal
Choose anything you’re struggling with:
  • An illness (diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cancer, heart problems, addiction, anything you might have)
  • A physical problem (I’m choosing my hearing)
  • A behavior pattern such as over-eating, procrastination
  • An emotion such as anger, fear, sadness
  • Relationship problems (attracting people who hurt you)
  • A past wound (sexual, physical, emotional abuse; betrayal, rejection, and more)
  • Self-image issues (not being good enough, low self-confidence, nothing goes right, lack of self-worth)
  • Abundance of money, health, love, joy
  • Anything you want to change
For the entire 8-weeks this will be your focus to heal. This is your intention which you declare to yourself and to God: “Please guide and direct me in healing all the wounds which contribute to ….. “

No matter what you work with over the 8-weeks, your intention is that the topic for that week is focused on healing your intention.

For instance:

When we work with birth issues, you will focus on what it is you wish to heal.

When we work with relationship issues, even if your primary focus is not relationship, your intention will be to focus on healing and balancing the relationship issues which contribute to your intention no matter what it is.

You will learn how to begin to free yourself from emotional and physical pain using the simple 5-Step Soul Healing Prayer.

You will also learn how to release trapped feelings held in your body, by balancing your smallest energy particles.

A brief outline of the 8-week program:
  • Healing and Balancing your Pain Body by adjusting your smallest energy structures known as Encodements. Set your intention, sit back and allow the healing to wash over you. (This is available as a “stand alone” if you’re unable to participate in the total program.)
  • Healing and Balancing Birth Issues. From the time just before conception to just after birth, most “issues” have their beginning.
  • Healing and Balancing wounds from childhood. This will include family dysfunctions.
  • Healing and Balancing wounds from your school years.
  • Sexuality Issues. This also includes sexual abuse issues.
  • Relationship Problems.
  • Healing wounds contributing to low self-image. You’ll learn how to “map out” a plan for healing no matter the source of the problem.
  • Healing and balancing spiritual wounds. This includes lack of trust, inability to experience joy.
  • For those who participate in the Advanced Program, you will receive a Group Healing Session specifically addressing the focus of that week. This session will heal and balance on a level deeper than you can imagine.

Tools You’ll Learn for Healing:

  • Meet Your Healing Team
  • 5-Step Soul Healing Prayer… takes a minute
  • Changing your Energy Field using Encodements
  • How and when to use the Basic Plug-in (includes Soul Healing and Encodements)
  • Birth Healing Meditation
  • Healing of Memories Guided Experience
  • Healing over Time Guided Imagery
  • How to organize your Healing Journey

Meet Your Facilitator

If you need qualifications, I certainly have them. (I’ll list them below.) What’s more important is my philosophy about healing.

Most people feel a deep yearning to know they are loved, which can result in anxiety, sadness and even physical illness. I will journey with you to discover and release any emotional wounds that may be hiding the incredible power and love within you. You’ll discover the amazing you and experience joy, self-love and a greater connection to yourself, family and friends, and Spirit.

I know you can heal. For some, it takes longer than for others. I have tools, knowledge, and the deep desire to assist you in facilitating your own healing.

This 8-week intensive will give you a jump start in your own self-healing.

By the way, I’m Cathy Chapman, PhD

  • Former Psychotherapist of 35+ Years
  • Internationally Known Master Healing Facilitator
  • Former Catholic Sister of 20 Years
  • Developed 2 Healing Modalities
  • Presented more than 60 Unique Healing Workshops and Programs
  • Presented workshops in Europe, Japan and the US
  • PhD in Mind-Body Psychology
  • MA in Theology
  • Published Author
  • Study continually
  • Prayer and meditation is a daily exercise

More than anything, know that your healing is my priority. I am committed to assisting you in discovering what you need to know and do to release the hurts that bind you to the past.

All healing is self-healing. I’m the guide. You’re the one who does the healing. I’ll teach you how.

I know how tough self-healing can be. There isn’t a day which goes by that I’m not working on myself and discovering more about how to guide you in your healing.

I also know the rewards of doing your own self-healing. I know what it’s like to be tied up in knots wondering if I’ll ever get over “this.”

I use the tools I teach. They work!

This Is What Others Say after Using The Tools

I found the last EI amazing! I am much more peaceful. I am becoming more compassionate and more in my Heart Source too. It really works!

Cilla D

This is the first time I can remember getting physical feedback from any spiritual program I’ve taken so THANK YOU! My sinuses are much improved (I was the one on the phone who told you I immediately got plugged up and you said they were working on me) and I can take full (or fuller anyway) breaths than ever before … And the dark urine I experienced for several days following another session let me know toxins were being released.

Diana L

Just want to let you know the good – feel, since the moment we cleared guilt from our Monad. I have no idea what it was about, nor that it ever existed; however clearing guilt at the Monadic level changed something fundamental inside. I’ve been working since 2009 – ish curing/ healing my left hip- thigh. Not that the session cured it , however when I woke the next day, my body was able to pull up taller, straighter from the inside.

Margaret U

Last eveningu2019s session was absolutely wonderful. I know I left my body several times {some moments longer than others} and was very aware of the work being done. In some instances when they were working on a particular part of my body it felt like they also went back to my head parts. The results and effects took till late this morning to calm down. I guess I really needed realigning. Thank you so very much for this session and all the other stuff you do for us. And thanku2019s to Amma and every other being. I am grateful.

Annie B

Thank you, Cathy. Blessings. I deeply appreciate these moments with Amma and you. I feel gratitude.

Maya I

Back in July I did a phone session with you and Amma. It was the best thing I did for myself all summer. You gave me such clarity – you helped me to see what was right in front of my eyes.

Donna B

No doubts from my angle that you are “the real thing.” I loved your closing comments “Thank you for making it possible for me to do what I think I’ve been asked to do.” Those words drip with love, gratitude, and humility. I will pray for political, spiritual, and business leaders who share your views. I will pray that I will embody a life of love, gratitude, and humility also.

Karen E

It’s been a couple of years that I have taken courses with Cathy and Amma. Each one has been significant in my life. Encodements have majorly helped me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritualy. I have more confidence, self esteem, less fear and anxiety and more love for myself and others. I feel better about my life and who I Am! I will continue taking courses with Cathy because I have learned so much!

Faith Ann

Encodement Intensive:
Heal the Pain Body
You will connect with your Healing Team, set your intention and then sit back and allow healing to occur.

The energy holding in pain from the events of your life will be released. This will bring you greater peace. Joy will be uncovered.

You’ll be able to breathe more deeply.

Additional 7-Weeks of Instruction and Healing
  • Encodement Intensive on Pain Body ($47)
  • Healing of Memories Guided Imagery audio ($20)
  • Healing Over Lifetimes Guided Imagery audio ($20)
  • Soul Healing Prayer audio ($20)
  • 7 Sessions of Instruction and Healing ($329)
  • Access to Recordings and Transcripts ($97)
$580 $247
7-Additional Weeks Instruction and Healing plus
7 Group Healing Sessions
  • Encodement Intensive on Pain Body ($47)
  • Healing of Memories Guided Imagery audio ($20)
  • Healing Over Lifetimes Guided Imagery audio ($20)
  • Soul Healing Prayer audio ($20)
  • 7 Sessions of Instruction and Healing ($329)
  • 7 Focused Group Healing Sessions ($3729
  • Access to Recordings and Transcripts ($97)

When & Where

  • Pain Body Intensive Saturday November 10 8 AM Pacific/11 AM Eastern
  • 7 Tuesdays beginning November 13 at 4 PM Pacific/7 PM Eastern
  • Group Healing Results will be sent to you by email (You don’t have to carve more time out of your schedule)
  • All meetings will be via Zoom or phone (your choice)

Choose Your Level of Participation Right Now…

Before your choose, there is one major requirement.

You must be willing to be present or listen to the recordings each week. You must be willing to do at least one thing each day for your own self-healing.

Are you willing to make this commitment?

If YES, choose your level of participation below.






One Time Payment


580 247

One Time Payment


956 497

One Time Payment

Encodement Intensive Only

Encodement Intensive

Encodement Intensive

Recordings and Transcript

Recordings and Transcript of Intensive

Recordings and Transcript of Intensive

No 8-Week Healing Classes

8-Week Healing Classes Included

8-Week Healing Classes Included

No Healing Resources

3 Healing Resources

3 Healing Resources

No Group Healing Sessions

No Group Healing Sessions

8 Group Healing Session

Purchase Now

Purchase Now

Purchase Now

Encodement Intensive
8-Weeks of Healing
8-Weeks of Healing + Focused Group Healing

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