Who Else Is Ready to Strengthen Their 5… Let’s Make It 10… Senses

Improve Your Connection to the World

Are your receivers out of whack?
  • Does your vision limit your perception?
  • Are there messages you’re refusing to hear?
  • Can you smell as much as you used to?
  • Do you taste the Joy of life?
  • What do you allow to touch you?

Your Senses Allow You to Interact with the World

You have 5 basic senses and they each have a deeper aspect allowing you to gather information in 10 powerful ways

Subconscious fear can limit the information you receive

When you have difficulty seeing or hearing, someone may ask, “What do you not want to see? What do you not want to hear?” Remember the movie line, “You can’t handle the truth?” These healing sessions will also balance and remove fear of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling.

Seeing involves more than the physical eyes

Eye glasses, contacts, laser surgery and cataract surgery are a few of the remedies for people whose vision is not good. No one wants to lose his or her vision, yet it’s not unusual to refuse to “see” what is in front of you. We will be balancing both physical and psychic or subtle vision.

Loss of hearing is isolating

The inability to hear interferes with connecting with others and nature. You miss what others are attempting to communicate. Hearing also involves putting yourself aside and listening to what is actually being said… or hearing what Spirit is telling you. Hearing the unsaid is powerful.

How does life taste to you?

There is nothing like being able to taste the intricate deliciousness of a meal made with love. The spices and flavors meld together to titillate the taste buds. Life is also to be savored and enjoyed. Do you fear the flavors awaiting you? Get ready to enjoy the many facets of food as well as life.

Do you enjoy touch?

Your sense of touch can bring you delight or pain. Some crave being touched. Others find physical touch painful. There are those whose clothes must feel good next to the skin. What touches you emotionally? Are you affected by the pain of others or are you immune to how others feel?

Your sense of smell is more complex than you know

When you lose the ability to smell something more sinister may be going on. Researchers have discovered this could be a sign something is going on with the brain and Alzheimer’s might be a problem. Your subtle sense of smell can assist in smelling danger or even a great opportunity.

There will be 5 separate group healing sessions, one for each of your 5 senses

Everything is recorded and available to you to listen as often as you wish
Each healing sessions taps into the group energy allowing me to identify various ways the 5-senses need to be balanced. Each session includes balancing what is interfering with the full activation of your subtle or psychic senses. It doesn’t matter when you listen. The recordings are always available to you and the healing is just as powerful.
  • You will receive an audio and video of each session
  • The group energy and group intention makes for a powerful session
  • Everytime you listen the balancing will occur on a deeper level
  • We will balance the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic influences on each sensory organ
  • Set your intention, tune in, relax and enjoy the healing session

Your physical and psychic senses allow you to gather information from your environment

Balancing your senses allows you to perceive your world more clearly
On the physical level we have five basic ways we perceive the world:

We see with our eyes
We hear with our ears
We smell with our nose
We taste with our tongue
We feel textures with our skin

Everyone experiences each of the five senses on a continuum of 0 to 100 with 100 being as much as possible and 0, of course, being not at all.
Both extremes can cause problems.

There are those who are overwhelmed by sensory information. They are so overwhelmed they withdraw into themselves or react in socially inappropriate ways ranging from irritability to acting out violently.

The five physical senses each have what many call a subtle component. Those who can’t perceive the world though the subtle components of one of the physical senses is likely to disbelieve there are those who can. In fact, an “expert” may classify that person as psychotic and prescribe medication to rid the individual of such hallucinations.

Our senses gather information we’re not consciously aware of which contribute to the power of intuition. Our conscious mind perceives 50 bits of information while the subconscious mind perceives 11,000,000 bit of information. Quite a difference, isn’t it?

The physical sense of vision has the subtle sense of clairvoyance. Some people are able to “see” colors, spirits and energies most of the world cannot; although, I believe children can see much more than we know.

The experts tell us that babies are unable to focus with their eyes. As I’ve watched babies I can’t help but wonder if their lack of visual focus is about them enjoying the changing pattern of colors in the aura surrounding the people. Our aura changes with each thought and feeling we have. This would provide an entertaining variety of changing colors.

There is an ability called synesthesia in which people see colors when hearing music or smelling aromas. Synesthesia happens in the brain and is the intertwining of two or more senses. Such people demonstrate that our senses are much more fluid and have a greater capacity to work together than most of us know.

Let’s look into the 5 physical senses and their accompanying subtle manifestations in more depth.

Which physical sense is most important?

Surveys have been taken asking people this question: “If you had to lose your sight or your hearing, which would you rather lose?” Almost everyone says they would rather keep their sense of sight. They can’t imagine navigating the world without being able to see the people they love, the wonder of nature or the ability to easily navigate from one place to another.

Experts have said that the loss of vision is not the most isolating. The loss of hearing is the most catastrophic. When you lose your vision you lose “things, objects.” When you lose your ability to hear you lose people, the ability to communicate and share your life easily with another.

Rarely do most people consider losing one of the other senses. The sense of smell is not considered important by most people. Those whose ability to smell

is greatly diminished may express some regret, as in not being able to smell their favorite aromas, but they don’t grieve in the way those who have lost their hearing or vision do.

There is a connection between smell and taste that most people haven’t thought about since physical science in high school. Do you remember the experiment in which your eyes are blindfolded and you hold your nose tight so you can’t smell? You are then asked to taste to crunchy and moist foods and asked to identify them from their taste. The two foods are an apple and a white potato. Without the sense of smell the two food are almost impossible to tell apart.

Scientists are discovering that the sense of smell is connected to the brain in a way not considered before. Due to the rapid increase of the incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease, researchers are attempting to understand this horrendous brain disorder. They don’t understand why yet, but researchers have found that people later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s lost their sense of smell long before other symptoms became apparent.

With the sense of taste comes the enjoyment of the complex flavors of food. There are those with such a refined sense of taste they can give you a list of all the spices in a dish simply by having a spoonful of food. When the sense of taste decreases people often don’t eat as much or eat more of the food they can taste. The enjoyment of food comes from the flavors. As we age the taste buds for salt and sugar are the last to diminish. That’s why older folks enjoy sweets and salty food so much, not that the rest of us don’t enjoy those flavors now.

You might think the sense of touch is one you could do without. If you could not feel with your skin you would miss out on the gentleness of a baby’s touch, the softness of a kitten’s fur or the delight of a loving touch. Touch also has to do with the ability to feel pain. If you can’t feel pain you won’t know when something is wrong with your body and get yourself to medical care.

Your Five Physical and Subtle Senses

  • Vision: The ability to see outwardly and inwardly
  • Hearing: The ability to hear what is around and within you
  • Touching: The ability to touch the world and feel it respond to you
  • Smell: To discern aromas and smell the changes in the world
  • Taste: To taste food, drink and life

Do You Know What Affects Your Healing?

It’s all about balance!

The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. To do so it needs the necessary tools. These tools are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Food and exercise are two of the physical tools. Your body needs proper nutrition just like you need to breath… which your body needs also. If you don’t put the right gas in the car, the car won’t go. The same with your body. It needs vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbs… and it needs the right ones.

Cellular health and genetic health are also crucial. During the session we will be balancing for genetic influences which may be affecting the health of your 5-senses.

Supportive beliefs and thoughts are the mental sustenance for your body-mind. Your subconscious mind listens to you every second of every day. It takes those messages you are giving yourself and makes them real.

Managing emotions is another critical component of your health. Low vibration emotions such as fear and anger can get trapped in your body. We will be releasing those emotions.

Spirituality is not just your connection with God or Spirit. Spirituality is your ability to connect with the world in a way beyond the ordinary. Your spirituality is what enables you to see the wonder in your life and in the world.

Our Goal for this healing session, and for all healing sessions I do, is to bring your body-mind into balance. The healing session can’t manage your food, but it can assist in releasing toxins from your body.

The session can’t manage your thoughts and feelings, but it can remove the energy of thoughts and feelings lodged in your body.

Each time you listen to this session you will experience more balance as layers of imbalance are released.

When, Where, What, How… You’re the Who!

You Have Instant Access Right Now!

  • All will balance both the physical and subtle or psychic senses
  • Address issues over lifetimes: past, present, parallel and future
  • Balances influences from genetic family
  • Balances metaphysical influences from Soul and Monadic Families
  • Removes congested low vibration energies (fear, etc)
  • Install supportive beliefs
  • The BodyTalk System
  • Encodements
  • The Sword of Michael the Archangel
  • Intuitive Healing

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