Depression Hides Joy, Your Natural Birthright. Join Me as We Balance 4 Different Causes of Depression

Uncover the Vibrant Joy Hiding within You

When’s the last time you laughed with Joy and abandon?
  • Is the pain from past wounds hidden within you?
  • Have you taken on the fear and struggles of the world?
  • Is your body filled with aches and pains?
  • Do thoughts of the past pop up unbidden?
  • Do you experience a wide range of feelings?

You Deserve to Have a Life Filled with Joy

You were made from Love and you were made with Joy… Be that Love… Be that Joy

Unresolved pain from the past depresses your feelings

Pain hurts. That may be an insight into the obvious, but you don’t want to feel that hurting pain. You do everything you can to not feel it. I suppress it. You cover it up with drinking, drugging, shopping, sex, media, eating and more. Preventing the release of the pain results in depression of your feelings.

Chemical imbalances can cause depression

You are surrounded by chemicals. They’re in the air, in your cleaning products, and in your food. You may also be on medication which can cause experiences of depression. Be aware of that depression is not only a mental issue, it can be chemically induced.

Damaged Encodements hold in negativity

Encodements, your smallest energy structures, can be damaged just as any part of your physical or energetic bodies. By working with your Healing Team to repair these Encodements, you can release congested energy and feel lighter and more you.

Other’s depression can be attached to you

Caring person, empaths, have a tendency to take on the feelings of others. You were never taught how to be caring and separate yourself from the feelings of others. Some of the depression you experience can be the feelings of others. It’s time to get rid of those feelings.

Blocked energy can depress your feelings

Energy needs to be flowing freely through your body for you to be fully present and fully alive. When your energy is blocked due to health, worries, emotional pain, or other reasons, your mood is affected. It’s time to remove those blocks.

Spiritual blockages can cause depression

You are a spiritual being. That’s who you are. When you are disconnected from the spiritual, you are disconnected from the most real part of who you are. When you are disconnected from yourself, Joy is suppressed.

There will be 5 group healing sessions over four weeks

Each session will be recorded and available for you to download and listen to as often as you wish
In each healing session I tap into the group energy allowing me to muscle test and balance what is needed. Each session will address one specific area where there are blocks which can contribute to depression.

Even if you can’t be on the call live, the session is just as powerful. It doesn’t matter when you listen. Each time you listen the healing will go to deeper levels.

  • You will receive an audio and video of each session
  • The group energy and group intention makes for a powerful session
  • Everytime you listen the balancing will occur on a deeper level
  • We will balance your Encodements and the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic influences which are contributing to the suppression of your Joy.
  • Set your intention, tune in, relax and enjoy the healing session

Do You Know What Affects Your Healing?

It’s all about balance!

The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. To do so it needs the necessary tools. These tools are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Food and exercise are two of the physical tools. Your body needs proper nutrition just like you need to breath… which your body needs also. If you don’t put the right gas in the car, the car won’t go. The same with your body. It needs vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbs… and it needs the right ones.

Cellular health and genetic health are also crucial. During the session we will be balancing for genetic influences which may be affecting the health of your 5-senses.

Supportive beliefs and thoughts are the mental sustenance for your body-mind. Your subconscious mind listens to you every second of every day. It takes those messages you are giving yourself and makes them real.

Managing emotions is another critical component of your health. Low vibration emotions such as fear and anger can get trapped in your body. We will be releasing those emotions.

Spirituality is not just your connection with God or Spirit. Spirituality is your ability to connect with the world in a way beyond the ordinary. Your spirituality is what enables you to see the wonder in your life and in the world.

Our Goal for this healing session, and for all healing sessions I do, is to bring your body-mind into balance. The healing session can’t manage your food, but it can assist in releasing toxins from your body.

The session can’t manage your thoughts and feelings, but it can remove the energy of thoughts and feelings lodged in your body.

Each time you listen to this session you will experience more balance as layers of imbalance are released.

Who Am I and How Can I Help You

Your Healing Faciliator

Hi, there. I’m Dr Cathy Chapman, your healing facilitator. Working with others for their healing is the delight of my life.

My first experience working with someone for healing was when I prayed with people when they were ill or having a difficult time in their lives. I was 19.

When I was in the convent, I worked as a therapist in a parish. There I found that those who allowed me to prayer with them got well faster.

After I discovered energy healing, I found that people found greater relief emotionally, mentally and physically than traditional therapy. When prayer was added, the affect was even more powerful.

As I immersed myself in learning about energy healing, I discovered a spiritual world beyond the limitations of the walls of the convent. I left after 20 years and continued my studies as well as deepening my connection to Spirit

In the healing workshops, I combine all that I’ve learned about energy healing to bring you into balance so that your body-mind can do the healing.

For this healing workshop, the primary modality will be Encodements for the first session. In the other sessions I will use Body Talk, PSYCH-K, and other healing modalities. The purpose of all is to bring your body-mind into balance.

When, Where, What, How… You’re the Who!

  • Encodement Intensive: Saturday, Dec 16, Noon Eastern Time
  • Monday December 18, 8 PM Eastern
  • Wednesday December 20, Noon Eastern
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • All Sessions can be accessed through the web (Zoom) or by phone
  • Address issues over lifetimes: past, present, parallel and future
  • Balances influences from genetic family
  • Balances metaphysical influences from Soul and Monadic Families
  • Removes congested low vibration energies (fear, etc)
  • Install supportive beliefs
  • The BodyTalk System
  • Encodements
  • The Sword of Michael the Archangel
  • Intuitive Healing

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