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One of the most common issues people come to me with is about abundance. Usually the topic is financial abundance. Abundance, however, is not just about money and things. It’s also about our dreams.

For instance, I’m experiencing tremendous abundance because I am fulfilling my dream of living in Sedona, AZ. (I move there July 13, 2013, just a couple of weeks after leading this call.)

What is your abundance dream?

We will cover the following in the Encodement Intensive for Abundance.

Family Influences: genetic, beliefs, energies
General blocks to abundance
Repetitive patterns of lack
Karmic influences
Fear of getting what you want
Fear of taking action
Implanting new beliefs regarding abundance
  Blocks from parallel lives, soul family and  monadic family
 Other blocks

Your smallest energy structures, your encodements affect every area of your life.

You have the natural encodements you came in with. These set up for you what you wanted to experience regarding your body and health during this life time.

Some of these were designed by you before you incarnated to come from your genetic line, your soul family, past life issues and even inter-galactic influences.

Then there are the artificial encodements which come from people, places, events, and even institutions such as health care. These aren’t your encodements, but they are within you affecting your life.

Damaged and altered natural encodements are those which have been thrown off kilter by the difficulties and traumas of life.

Now that you are in the Age of Aquarius, the New Age, many of these natural encodements are no longer needed.

Spend an hour with me and you can change your encodement system and your life in ways you never knew you could… all in one hour.

The call is by phone… or you may receive the recording and transcript after the Relationship Encodement Intensive is over.

If you’ve found this page after the call is over, don’t worry. It’s all recorded and ready for you to change your life.

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