3 Key Encodement Intensives to Enhance Spiritual Growth


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In this bundle you’ll address:
Enhancing Soul Purpose

Bet you didn’t know you could tweak your soul’s purpose. Time is moving so fast and much has changed in the world. You have changed as the high vibration energies are coming into the planet.

If you are feeling lost and wondering what you are to do with your life, this Encodement Intensive will help you. You’ll be able to remove blocks to understanding your soul’s purpose as well as make some changes.

Integrating the Divine Mind and Heart of God

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, all I want is to know the mind of God. In this Encodement Intensive you’ll be integrating within your Encodement structure the mind and heart of God.

This will assist you in staying in your heart and being in tune with how God would respond and act in various situations.

Releasing Blocks to Spiritual Development

Have you been afraid that if you made a total commitment to God, you’d be asked to do something you don’t want, to be someone you don’t want?

Fear is major block to spiritual growth. As you remove the blocks to spiritual growth you’ll be open and excited to do what you believe God is calling you to. This will allow you to be fearless in your choice and assist you in discovering Joy.

Each Encodement Intensive is a fast paced 90 minute experience.

My Healing Guides connect with the group energy of all those attending each Encodement Intensive. Because there is no time on the level of Spirit, you are included in the Group energy if you chose to attend.

Each Intensive will balance your Encodements just as if you were there live.

For each Intensive you will receive:
  • A guided Encodement Intensive
  • Usually a message from Amma the Divine Mother
  • An audio recording
  • Many will have a video recording
  • A transcript

The more often you repeat the intensive, the deeper your healing.

Healing is in layers just as wounding is in layers.

Every time you listen to an Encodement Intensive, you peel off another layer of pain and wounding.

With this collection of Encodement Intensives, you’ll enhance your spiritual growth.

If you were to purchase these Encodement Intensives one at a time, you’d pay $67 each time for a total of $201.
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