3 Key Encodement Intensives to Balance the Physical Body


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In this bundle you’ll address:
Balancing the Brain

Your brain is fragile. Every time you feel strongly, there are changes in your brain. Every time you hit your head, there are changes in your brain.

In this Encodement Intensive you’ll balance Encodements from all areas of life pertaining to your brain so you can think more clearly and your body can function better

Body Image & Weight

You live in a society giving you negative messages about your body. Most of those messages are unhealthy.

In this Encodement Intensive the goal is for you to feel more comfortable with your body and to assist you in achieving your idea weight.

Balancing Immune System

Your immune system is what keeps you healthy. It fights off microbes and even cancers. Your emotions have been proven to either weaken or strengthen your immune system.

In this Encodement Intensive you’ll balance emotions and wounds weakening your immune system. We’ll balance issues from this lifetime and any other lifetime you’ve had.

Each Encodement Intensive is a fast paced 90 minute experience.

My Healing Guides connect with the group energy of all those attending each Encodement Intensive. Because there is no time on the level of Spirit, you are included in the Group energy if you chose to attend.

Each Intensive will balance your Encodements just as if you were there live.

For each Intensive you will receive:
  • A guided Encodement Intensive
  • Usually a message from Amma the Divine Mother
  • An audio recording
  • Many will have a video recording
  • A transcript

The more often you repeat the intensive, the deeper your healing.

Healing is in layers just as wounding is in layers.

Every time you listen to an Encodement Intensive, you peel off another layer of pain and wounding.

With this collection of Encodement Intensives, you’ll deepen the healing and balancing of issues affecting the body.

If you were to purchase these Encodement Intensives one at a time, you’d pay $67 each time for a total of $201.
Instead of paying $201, you may get all 3 of these Encodement Intensives
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